Grand Opening Belize City

On April 13 and 14 Universal Hardware will celebrate the Official Opening of it’s new location at 3380 Chetumal Street, Belama Phase 2, Belize City.

Everything will be on sale. Bigger discounts will be on Meilun Motorcycles, Sankey AC Units, Westinghouse and Lasko Fans and Toolcraft Hand and Gardening Tools.

There will be a raffle on each day with fantastic prizes. With every purchase you get a chance to win.

101 Degrees Fahrenheit will be broadcasting live on Saturday morning from our showroom.

Friends & Family Day Audio.

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4 Responses to Grand Opening Belize City

  1. Beaulah says:

    what will be the discounted rates for the meliun 100-A bikes?

  2. Pamela says:

    Hello, I wanted to find you on Facebook but cannot. Please send me your Facebook Name.
    One more thing, is your special on the 13 & 14th extend to your Spanish Lookout location?
    Thank you
    Santa Familia

  3. harry says:

    congratulations for new showroom to all of you specially to mr.john

  4. Martin says:

    Hi guys thanks for commenting.

    @Beaulah: All motorbikes will be 20% off while one or two models will have a bigger discount.

    @Pamela: To find us on facebook go to Our Grand Opening Sale for April 13 and 14 is only for Belize City branch. You might like to know that we have an annual Friends & Family Day here in Spanish Lookout in February.

    For more information email

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